What are the unexpected benefits of taking on an au pair?

Laughing Aupair

Laughing Au pair

It is usually a relief when a family chooses an au pair to live with them. This is because an au pair is able to help around the house by cooking, cleaning and looking after the family. However, there are many more benefits to hosting an au pair which may not be immediately obvious.

Building your children’s confidence

It is tough being a parent when there are so many things that you want your child to experience but you simply do not have the time. An au pair can take your child to various after-school clubs and other activities that were previously untenable because of your busy schedule. The presence of an au pair will also promote new conversation and help your child to engage with someone different. An au pair will bring innovative and fresh ideas to the home which will provide a stimulating environment. They will also help your children to grow in confidence and self-esteem as well as having exciting experiences to share with their friends.

Learning a new language

Au pairs often travel far and wide to experience living in a new and interesting location. Therefore, you may take in an au pair who speaks another language to yourself and your family. This will allow your children to learn a new language which may help them as they progress further in their education. A new language can provide an understanding of how sentence structure and the meaning of words vary in each country. Learning a new language, even if it is just a few words, will fill your children with a sense of achievement.

Allowing time to indulge in a new hobby

You will finally have time to discover a new hobby or re-engage with an old one if you decide to host an au pair. This is because they can complete chores and help look after your children so that you have a few hours a week to spare. Why not make the most of this time and start a hobby that you have always wanted to do? It will help you to meet new people, learn a fresh skill and feel satisfied to be facing a new challenge.

Fostering open-mindedness and adaptability in your children

An au pair, who often has different personality traits or mannerisms to that of our own family, will allow children to be more accepting of diversity. They will learn to adapt and make the new member of your household feel welcome. They might have to be more accommodating and sacrifice a few luxuries to be able to host your au pair. This experience will help them to view things from another’s perspective. It will also help them to think of another’s feelings on a regular basis which is a great life lesson.

Embracing cultural differences

An au pair might have grown up in a different culture to that of yourself and your children. It is often interesting to hear stories about another’s life experience. An au pair will be able to tell interesting tales about their culture, upbringing and living situation which will provide insight to both yourself and your children.

An au pair is an asset to any household. They do not just help practically around the house but will also provide fresh experiences, unique insights and help ourselves and our families to grow both socially and culturally.

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