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Scared Au Pair

Scared Au Pair

My experience of traveling over from Sweden for the very first time, to the UK, to work as an Au Pair, was actually really positive. I had never travelled outside of my own country before, and so when I got my first Au Pair opportunity, as well as being really excited, I was also extremely nervous. In the lead up to me leaving I would lie awake at night and worry about ‘what if’ – what if no one is there to meet me at the airport? What if they don’t treat me well? What if the children don’t like me? What if I get really home sick? I needn’t have worried however, upon arriving at the airport I was made to feel calm and at ease.

The weeks running up to me leaving had definitely given me anxiety, however when I was actually on the plane on my way over I felt better about things. I was made to feel even more reassured when I saw four friendly faces at the gate waiting for me once I had landed. The man and women had kind faces, and introduced themselves to me, and the children, a little boy and a little girl held a sign they had made with my name on it, as well as a bouquet of paper flowers that they had made me.

We went for lunch at the airport, giving us a chance to introduce one another and get used to our company. I was instantly at ease as the little boy and girl both wanted to sit beside me, showing they were at ease, which in turn made me feel comfortable. I was a bit worried about how our communication would be, but as we chatted about the flight and so on, I felt more confident about my English, and they assured me they thought it was really good.

The car journey home was quite long, and it was nice to finally arrive at the place I was to call home. After the grand tour, they left me in my room to unpack, and freshen up in my own en suite. I Skyped my mum and my sister back home in Sweden too, letting them know I had arrived safely and that everything was going well – this was lovely and reminded me I am not alone, my friends and family are only a phone call away.

I have been working for my UK family for seven whole months now, and I have really settled into life here, as well as my work routine. I have met other Au Pairs locally who have become friends, and best of all it has really worked out with the family. I was so nervous at the thought of leaving Sweden, but I am glad I pushed myself to go for it, because my life has taken new directions and I am experiencing life in the UK, meeting people, and having fun in my job.

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