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Typical aupair

Au pair by the seaside

I was delighted to be asked by this website to share my typical day as an Au Pair. Many people seem to think that life as an Au Pair is lonely and boring, however I am keen to tell my story of ‘a day in the life of an Au Pair’, as it is anything but boring!

My day usually starts around 6am, when I get myself up and showered, dressed, and catch up on my emails and Facebook with a coffee in peace, before I get the children up. I look after 2 children, one is at school, and the other goes to a nursery class for 2 hours each morning. I usually have my coffee in the kitchen alone, and then get out the cereals, juice and make toast for the children getting up, so it is all set out for them. I get the children up at around 6.45am and bring them down for breakfast, and their parents are normally in the kitchen from this time until 7am, when they both leave for work. They don’t require a big breakfast, just a pot of coffee and toast, which I make. They like to spend this precious time with the children as they eat breakfast. At 7am, the parents leave, I get the children washed and dressed, and we are out the door just after 8am.

We first walk to the 8 years old’s school which is about a mile away, and after dropping him there for the day, I take the toddler to his nursery class which starts at 9am. I have a 2 hour window before I have to collect him at 11am, and usually I use this time to pick up any small pieces of shopping that the mother has left on a list for me, run any errands, and usually grab a coffee with one of the other Au Pairs that I know who drop their child at the nursery class.

I return home with the little boy before midday, and I give him some lunch in the kitchen, while I tidy up the breakfast things from the morning. We then have some quiet time in the lounge, when I either read to him, we watch some educational TV, or we play some games. At the moment, he is still having a small nap in the afternoon, and so I like to make sure he is in bed by 1.30pm so he can have at least an hour before we pick up his brother from school.

We head to the school gates for 3.30pm and after picking up the 8 year old we will sometimes all go to the library or to the park on the way home. We usually get home and settled by 4.30pm, and they sit at the table and do homework / play, while I prepare dinner. I am not required to prepare food for the mother and father, although sometimes I will put meat in the oven if instructed to do so. After dinner it is bath and bed for the littlest one, and then bath and the older one has to do an hour of piano practice, before being allowed to get a book and go to bed. During this time I usually have a quick tidy around, fold any washing, and then by 8pm both children are in bed and I can sit and have time to myself. Sometimes I Skype back home, or go on Facebook, or just watch a movie on TV. The parents return home from 9pm onward.

I am lucky as the parents do not require me to deep clean the house, nor cook for them. I do a little bit of shopping, the children’s laundry and the daily cleaning, but mainly the job is looking after the children. They work long hours, but are at home at the weekends, so I get Saturday and Sunday off, and this is when I see other Au Pair friends I have met here or go to the cinema or something.


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